The Growing Local Economies Initiative

The Appalachian Center is collaborating with select partners to support new solutions to some of the persistent challenges facing Appalachian communities.

This project, the Growing Local Economies (GLE) Initiative, is intended to support local economic development in the region, and build capacity and awareness about this alternative approaches to local economic development.

GLE works with a three-pronged strategy:

1. The GLE Team Pilot Project - helps build capacity for local economic development through community engagement, asset mapping, economic assessments, and collaborative planning. Learn more about the teams.

2. The Growing Local Economies Network (GLEN) - helps build dynamic regional networks for social exchange and learning, cooperation and collaboration, and articulation of shared values in support of local economic development. Learn more about GLEN.

3. The Growing Local Economies Partnership - fosters interdisciplinary research by promoting faculty collaboration and forming research teams. Teams work with community partners to improve mutual understanding of local economic development issues and best practices. Learn more about the partnership.

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Our working definition of Local Economic Development is:
Local economic development (LED) is a participatory process which encourages social dialogue and public-private partnerships in a defined geographical area.

Learn more about Local Economic Development and what it can mean for communities.