Here's a quick preview of the three lessons in this course.

1: Where and What is Appalachia (contains 3 activities) addresses issues of attitudes towards the region. This module is interactive and we recommend that you undertake it in one sitting. In this module you will begin the journal you will use throughout the course. It takes approximately one hour to complete.

2: Introduction to Appalachia – Myth & Realities (contains 5 activites) introduces Appalachian history, social life, music, health issues, and economics and with a series of mini-lectures by experts in each field. Each lecture is accompanied by a series of questions for you to consider in your journal. The lectures are between 15 and 25 minutes and each one is accompanied by additional resources you can explore on your own. We recommend that you complete all the lectures within one week.

3: Research in Appalachia (contains 4 activities) considers issues and pitfalls you might encounter in designing your own research. We consider examples of research on the region and take a look at your own research questions and design. Time to complete this module varies.

When you're ready, begin with Where and What is Appalachia?

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