Appalachian Studies Program

The University of Kentucky offers a variety of education, services and research opportunities to those interested in the Appalachian Region, including courses led by notable scholars in regional studies.

Faculty include the editor and book review editor of the Journal of Appalachian Studies, a former Whisman Scholar at the Appalachian Regional Commission, the former Program and Program Chair of the Appalachian Studies Association, and authors of award-winning books in the field of Appalachian Studies. In a recent survey of Appalachian Studies scholars, UK was ranked as the best scholarly program in this interdisciplinary field.

For more information, contact:

Ron Pen, Co-Director of Appalachian Studies

Dwight Billings, Co-Director of Appalachian Studies

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UK Appalachian Studies News

UK Kicks off Multidisciplinary Lecture Series, Explores Ky.’s connections to the World.

The University of Kentucky invites applications for a tenured position (associate or full professor) as Director of Appalachian Studies to begin August 15, 2011.

The university is seeking an outstanding scholar and teacher who can take a leadership role in advancing the multidisciplinary research, teaching, and service activities of the Appalachian Studies Program.

Amanda Fickey knows the value of a role model. Fickey, a strategic planning committee member for the University of Kentucky Appalachian Center and a steering committee member for the UK Appalachian Research Community, also realizes that the relationship goes both ways. Networking with younger students is just as valuable for those within higher academic circles.