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Growing Local Economies: Reports to the Communities
This project, the Growing Local Economies (GLE) Initiative, is intended to support local economic development in the region, and build capacity and awareness about this alternative approaches to local economic development.

These reports contain information the Owsley, Elliott, and Estill County which may help County citizens understand the potential for building a LOIS-based economy in these communities.


Featured Staff Report

Quality Jobs, Value Added, and Sustainability
People have come to agree that it's not the number of jobs; it's the quality of jobs that [is] the issue. At one time, a lot of rural areas would have disagreed and said that we need jobs and almost any new job is going to be positive for the local economy. But now there's general consensus that the primary focus is not just jobs, but the kind of jobs. Will they stay competitive? Are they going to provide training and investment opportunities? And do they raise wages and incomes in the state?

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