Karl Raitz, Geography

1457 Patterson Office Tower
Telephone: (859) 257-6948
Email:  gegraitz@email.uky.edu

A long-time student of culture and its material artifacts, Karl has spent the past thirty-five years examining the manner in which people have created American landscapes.  His field-based research interests blend rural and urban contexts, especially within America’s Middle West, Appalachia, and South.  His past work included examinations of the relationships between European immigrants and occupational preadaptation, the social construction of sport and leisure places, and the creation of landscape symbol vocabularies.  He is currently working on several projects relating to the spectacular role of the road—in its many guises and through its many commercial, political, and technical patrons—as a shaping influence on landscapes. Recent research projects include The National Road and A Guide to the National Road, two edited books that were supported by funding from the Pioneer American Society and the National Endowment for the Humanities.  Current and future work will continue to develop road landscape themes with projects underway on America’s first two trans-Appalachian roads, the Limestone Road and the Wilderness Road, and a book co-edited with historian Warren Hofstra on The Shenandoah Valley Road.

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