8:00-9:00 Registration and breakfast
(Student Center, Room 206)

9:00-10:00 Welcome and Keynote Address

Welcome: Lisa Conley, Appalachian Research Community and Dr. Evelyn Knight, Appalachian Center Director

Keynote: Stephanie Richards, UK. Agriculture Extension for Pike County, KY

Panel 1 10:00-11:00, Student Center, Room 115
Coalfields & Voices
Convener: Lisa Conley

10:00-10:15 Julie Shepherd-Powell - The Roda Dust Study:
Negotiating Environmental Health Concerns in the Shadow of Corporate Control and Scientific
Ambiguity in the Coalfields of Southwest Virginia

10:20-10:35 Eric Young- “I Drip Blood at Every Pore”:
Harry Caudill’s Opposition to Surface Mining, 1954-1977

10:40- 10:55 Feng Hao- Social Capital, Solidarity, and
Cohort Effect—Analyzing the Production of Social Capital among Union Miners in Harlan County?

10:55-11:10 Break

Panel 2 11:10– 12:00 Student Center, Room 115
Foodways, Music, and Appalachian Economic Development

11:10-11:25 Lisa Conley- Tradition as a Motivating Factor
of Home Food Preservation in Eastern Kentucky

11:25-11:40 Amanda Fickey- Documenting Alterity in
Appalachia’s Economy: Strategies for Advancing Alternative Economic Development Practices in Appalachia through Undergraduate Research

11:45-12:00 Jason Howard- Race, Class, and Gender:
Reinterpreting the Music of Eastern Kentucky

12:00-1pm Luncheon & Music
Student Center, Room 206

1:00-1:30 Arts Showcase with Desserts & Coffee
Student Center, Room 119

Panel 3 2:00-2:35 Artists’ Statements, Student Center, Room 115

2:00-2:15 Natalie Baxter- Kingdom Come (documentary shorts)

2:20-2:35 Alyssa Myers & Jane Hughes – Designs for the
Mountain Comprehensive Care Center in
Wheelwright, KY

2:35-2:45 Break

Panel 4 2:45– 3:55 Student Center, Room 115
Health Attitudes and Disparities

2:45-3:00 Eun Young Kim- Patient-Centered Healing
Healthcare Design for Appalachian Community

3:20– 3:35 Christopher R. Campbell - Enhanced Quality of
Primary Care in Appalachia through Utilization of University of Kentucky Physician Assistant Graduates

3:40-3:55 Elizabeth New - "Our Hands are Tied!" A Case
Study of the Bureaucratization of Health Care in a Kentucky Private Practice

4:00-4:30 Awards, Q & A, and wrap up.


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