Constitution University of Kentucky Appalachian Research Community September 9, 2009

ARTICLE I: University of Kentucky Appalachian Research Community

1.1 The name of the club/organization shall be the Appalachian Research Community.


2.1 To promote interdisciplinary dialogue on Appalachian research.

2.2 To foster a sense of community with those graduate, and undergraduate, students and faculty who research Appalachia or issues related to it.


3.1 The UK Appalachian Research Community shall consist of the general membership, the organization’s officers, and all committees and commissions (if needed in the future) of the organization.


4.1 Eligibility

4.11 The organization shall consist of any and all members of the University of Kentucky who are interested in researching Appalachia.

4.12 The organization will consist primary of graduate students, but undergraduates who are researching a topic related to Appalachia are also welcome.

4.2 Voting Rights

4.21 Voting shall be open to all officers and members who have met and maintained membership requirements.

4.3 Active Participation

4.31 One is considered an “active participant” of the organization by participating in at least 50% of all the organization’s activities. Participation is defined as attending meetings, corresponding through email or online social network correspondence, attending outings, or completing administrative tasks which assist the functioning of the organization.


5.1 Regular meetings shall be held biweekly on Wednesdays at 1pm.

5.2 Meetings shall be called by the officers or by at least 30% of the membership.

5.3 Meetings will generally be announced one week prior to the meeting to the general membership.

5.4 Special meetings may occur in the event of an urgent development. These special meetings will be announced to the membership via phone calls and emails. Special meetings shall be held upon a 2/3 majority vote of the total membership or by the officers.


The officers of the UK Appalachian Research Community shall be elected by a majority of the membership.

6.1 President
6.1.1 Is the chief executive officer of the organization
6.1.2 Has the responsibility of the good and efficient management of the organization.
6.1.3 Serves as the official representative of the organization.
6.1.4 Presides over all meetings.
6.1.5 Appoints all committees and commissions of the organization with the advice and consent of the membership.
6.1.6 Is a non-voting, ex-officio member of all committees.

6.2 Vice President
6.2.1 Performs the duties of President in her/his absence.
6.2.2 Assumes all other duties assigned by the President.

6.3 Secretary
6.3.1 Records all minutes of the organization meetings.
6.3.2 Carries on correspondence of organization.
6.3.3 Preserves letters, papers and documents of the organization.
6.3.4 Assumes all other related duties assigned by the President.

6.4 Treasurer/Business manager
6.4.1 Oversees the receipts and disbursements of the organization’s funds and keeps an accurate itemized account thereof.
6.4.2 Prepares the annual budget for the organization and presents it to the general membership.
6.4.3 Assumes all other related duties as delegated by the President.
6.5 Term of Office
6.5.1 Officers elected by the membership shall serve one semester beginning each Fall or Spring semester.


7.1 Eligibility
7.1.1 Any full or part-time student member of the organization may run for office. The person must be in good academic standing.
7.1.2 Honorary members may not run for office but may assist an officer in carrying out her/his duties upon request.

7.2 Nominations
7.2.1 Any member of the organization may nominate another full or part-time student for an organizational office position.

7.3 Election Meeting
7.3.1 The election meeting will be held at the earliest convenience at the start of the Fall or Spring semester.

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