Shannon Elizabeth Bell

Assistant Professor
University of Oregon, Ph.D., 2010

Phone: 859-257-6883
Office: 1567 Patterson Office Tower


My research interests fall at the intersections of environmental sociology, gender, and social movements, and I maintain a strong commitment to feminist research and social justice in my work. Much of my current research focuses on the barriers to local participation in the environmental justice movement that has risen up against mountaintop removal mining in Central Appalachia. I use a variety of research methods in my work, including in-depth interviews, participant observation, content analysis, geospatial viewshed analysis, and the feminist participatory action research method of “Photovoice.”

Personal website:


Selected Publications

Bell, Shannon Elizabeth and Yvonne A. Braun. Forthcoming [Dec. 2010]. “Coal, Identity, and the Gendering of Environmental Justice Activism in Central Appalachia.” Gender & Society.


Bell, Shannon Elizabeth and Richard York. 2010. “Community Economic Identity: The Coal Industry and Ideology Construction in West Virginia.” Rural Sociology. 75(1):111-143.

Bell, Shannon Elizabeth. 2009. “‘There Ain’t No Bond in Town Like there Used to Be’: The Destruction of Social Capital in the West Virginia Coalfields.” Sociological Forum. 24(3): 631-657.


Bell, Shannon Elizabeth. 2008. “Photovoice as a Strategy for Community Organizing in the Appalachian Coalfields.” Journal of Appalachian Studies. 14(1-2):34-48.


Bell, Shannon Elizabeth. Forthcoming. “The Southern West Virginia Photovoice Project: Community Action through Sociological Research.” In Kathleen Odell Korgen and Jonathan M. White  (Eds).  Sociologists in Action.  Sage Publications.

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