Appalachian Data Sources

Appalachian Regional Commission
The Appalachian Regional Commission compiles data and conducts research and evaluations on key economic, demographic, and quality of life factors that affect the current and future development prospects of the Appalachian Region. The most frequently requested data and reports are available online. This website also has a substantial list of external data websites.
Taken from the ARC website

Southern Rural Development Center's Southern Region Information Toolkit
Important features of the Southern Region Information Toolkit website include:
Profiles of important population, education and economic indicators;
Historical trends that help you determine the nature and direction of changes that have taken place in these measures over time;
Location Quotients that provide an easy method for determining how closely a county's economy mirrors the structure of the national economy;
Shift-Share Analysis that helps identify the degree to which changes in county job growth are due to these three factors: growth realized as a result of expansion taking place in the national economy, changes that are the product of how local industries are weighted toward industries that are growing faster or slower than the national average, and local factors that make local businesses more or less competitive than the national average.
Taken from the SRDC Toolkit website.

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